Maker's Mark

Positively inspire true advocacy of the Maker’s Mark brand in the New York City community.


The Approach

ZOOM Marketing Partners created a grassroots program to broaden the appeal of Maker’s Mark among multicultural and millennial audiences. The Make Your Mark program combined a series of on and off-premise tasting activations to connect meaningfully with consumers with a curated influencer experience to establish credibility and relevant necessary to inspire adoption and advocacy for Maker’s Mark in the multicultural mecca that is New York City.

The Outcome

ZOOM Marketing Partners' Brand Ambassadors, trained in the Maker’s Mark functional and emotional benefits and product making, interacted with adult consumers at key retail locations and popular nightlife venues, to provide informed trial of select Maker’s Mark cocktails and commemorative wax-dipped glasses to bring to life the Made with Character positioning.


Made With Character

For the influencer event, we partnered with the world-renowned Harlem Haberdashery and the Timberland brand to produce an exclusive experience, filled with specialty Maker’s Mark cocktails, eclectic music and experiential art for key accounts and NYC tastemakers.

Pop culture artist @Namxkeel demonstrated his unique method that aligns with Maker’s Mark’s signature wax dipping process to create customized, limited-edition Maker’s Mark x Timberland boots onsite, which served as a memorable keepsake for each of the event guests.


"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind."