Millennial Insights

Millennials are the largest, most diverse generation in the US

Their consumer decisions and values have changed the game


Get to know them better…

1 in 4

Are now parents


Never married


Live in Metro Areas


Identify as White


Of the US population


Estimated Spending Power
by 2020

Millennials are savvy shoppers with growing Spending Power

They spend more than 2/3 the amount on entertainment than Gen X and Baby Boomers

60% of Millennials said they would buy a generic brand on sale over the brand they usually buy

$47,112 is the Average Yearly Expenditures


Complete transactions online


Complete transactions on smartphones


Use coupons and have a preference towards a digital format


Refer to online reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product

Brand Perception

Millennials prefer brands who offer a unique experience, value for their money and great customer service.


Of Millennials remain loyal to brands they purchase


Of the time Millennials expect companies to make a public commitment to charitable causes and citizenship



Will switch to a different retailer or brand
if they have a negative experience

  • Millennials expect brands to provide value for their money and proper customer service

  • Heavily weighs brand customer experience into their perception of the brand

  • More likely to stay loyal to a brand because of loyalty rewards than any other generation

  • More likely to share positive consumer experience than a negative one

Brand Interaction

Gen Y use social media as a place to connect with Brands

1/3 report that they like a brand more when it uses social media.

50% agree with the statement: “I like checking out brands on social media sites like Facebook or twitter”


Influencer Marketing

Millennials prefer social media influencers over celebrities

78% reported a negative or indifferent view towards celebrity endorsements

Trend also applies to Mega influencers as more millennials prefer influencers with smaller followings that appear more authentic

Social Responsibility & Brands

Millennials significantly value Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when it comes to purchasing decisions

42% consider CSR when deciding a purchase

70% likelihood of purchasing from a brand that handles a social issue well

Millennials expect that a company gives back to the community. They also have high awareness of digital cause campaigns.

Uses Of Social Media

Millennials spend over 2 hours of their day on social media


A place to learn & create

Social Media has become an important resource as a learning and research tool. Millennials leverage Social Media as a way to create and distribute their own content.


Of Millennial Youtube Users have used the platform to learn something new in the past year.


Produce and upload online content (i.e. photos, videos, blog posts, etc.)

They frequently refer to consumer online reviews and blogs when making a purchase.


Refer to consumer online reviews and blogs when making a purchasing decision.


More likely to visit social channels to gather opinions on products they should buy


How Millennials Prefer to Communicate

68% of Millennials admit to texting “a lot” on a daily basis


Text or Email?

SMS have a 98% open rate

45% SMS Response Rate.

90 seconds takes the average person to respond.

67 is the average number of TEXTS a millennial receives in a day.

EMAILs have an 20% open rate

6% EMail Response Rate.

90 minutes takes the average person to respond.

121 is the average number of EMAILs a millennial receives in a day.


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